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Body Hair Trimming

Male grooming is an increasingly popular service demanded by men who want to feel better in their own skin.

Manscaping London is offering body hair trimming services for men with sensitive skin or that experience severe allergic reaction to waxing. Or simply for men who want a more tidy look with a subtle hint of hair.


Whatever your reason is not to choose complete hair removal, have a look below at our trimming price list:

Body and Intimate Trimming

Part or full body trimming services from which you can choose to get a tidier and more neat appearance:

Back                                                                £25

Chest and abdomen                                     £25

Back, chest and abdomen                            £40

Arms                                                                £25

Underarms                                                      £15

Legs                                                                 £35

Upper body                                                    £55

Buttocks and crack                                       £30

Pubic triangle, shaft and testicles              £30

Full intimate (back and front)                    £40

Full body                                                      £100

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